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Making a paper..from the very beginning

 We don’t want to run anymore, face angry people,  wake up with the idea that we have to get on the bus for a couple of hours to reach the office. We don’t belong to that lifestye. We prefer our local rhythm, love taking it easy and recover ancient traditions that make our land even more special..

And that’s why today I’d love to talk about a very unique experience that you can only live in the Piceno, in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park.. we’re talking about a lesson to understand and learn how to create papers! Yes, you got it, papers! We were lucky to meet Nathan and Caterine, the two inventors of this project and trust us, the experience is really worth it!

We learnt every single detail of this amazing process, starting from the ancient tradition of the master papermakers of Le Marche Region, with nettles, mulberry and flowers that turn through ancient traditions into sheets of paper that we can use as books or anything else.

It’s really a unique experience and our suggestion is to spend 2/3 days here, learning the process, tasting typical products, getting to know local people and sleeping in a very natural and stunning environment!


Click here to see a possible weekend learning to make paper!

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