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Brazilian DMC

This Brazilian DMC is one of the top brazialian DMC for the promotion of both Italy and Brazil. Starting with the promotion of Le Marche Region to the brazilian market, we are now the Authorised Representative for the promotion of Brazi in Italy. Our main business is to promote top luxury tours in Brazil to both B2B and B2C targets following a series of actions such as:



  • Website creation in italian with Brazilian packages and tours
  • Trainings to both tour operators and travel agents
  • Sales Calls, missions, webinars
  • Events and fairs
  • Meeting with top clients
  • Marketing plan
  • Newsletter to medias and operators with offers and presentations
  • E-blasts



  • Social media management
  • Promotion during events and fairs


We are now working on the promotion of Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games!


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