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Osteria Nonna Nina

 In downtown Ascoli Piceno this question is becoming more and more frequent. And today, if we were asked that question, we would have plenty of options.. any restaurant, inn, osteria or tavern is unique, special and generally always genuine. But then, thinking deeply about it, we would have the perfect answer, which would be the "Osteria Nonna Nina."

Let's start from the beginning. Where is the Osteria Nonna Nina? It’s in downtown Ascoli!  If you are visiting Ascoli Piceno you'll be surely visiting the stunning Piazza Arringo, with the Cathedral and the Baptistery. So,, having the Cathedral in front of you, take the left and walk for 200 metres and you will end up in Piazza Viola. Here, o your right handside you’ll see red tents. That’s where Osteria Nonna Nina is located! An intimate, romantic and elegant place, with wooden chairs and tables, atmospheric music and two amazing owners. She is the restaurant's chef, cooking traditional dishes in great quantity and high quality. He tells you the story of any single dish, explaining where he got the ham, how they prepare pasta: they will make your culinary experience even more unique. Again, the pasta is homemade and the menu has a very important section dedicated to local truffle. And obviously, each dish refers to the typical local kitchen.

The name comes from GrandMother Nina, the former owner who started this dream which has now turned this place into one of the most important in Ascoli Piceno.

This is the perfect place for a couple, for a small group of friends, but at the same time it’s also the ideal solution for those seeking a business dinner. Indeed, today you can book a private room, closed to the public, with private bathroom and internal connection to the kitchen. Sofas, television for powerpoint presentations and a unique atmosphere which will make  your dinner and meeting just perfect!

We eat there very  often: apart from the amazing homemade pasta suggested by the owners,  the dish that  we always suggest is  the bull's eye, the fried egg with the local black truffle. The wine is always suggested by the owners according to your choices and, after the meal, you won’t miss a glass of local Anisetta Meletti offered by the staff. During summertime, then, outside tables make the place even more magical.  

We brought two food bloggers from Finland and they were shocked by the passion of the owners and the care of each dish.

Another suggestion.. Each season the menù changes! The image you see below is a plate of ravioli with stuffed with chicken and cheese, which can be found exclusively during  the local Carnevale period.  

The only advice we can give you is to book in advance, because the place is intimate and the restaurant is really be sure to make the reservation.


Trust us, you will not forget this place ..

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