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You're in Italy and you are here because you want to discover our beauties, our food&wine culture, our panoramas, our people and lifestyle. You're because you want to live the experience of being a truly italian person for a while.

Well..if you're here for these reasons, then this is the event that perfectly fits your expectations: MOVIES AND WINE UNDER THE STARS.


Italy is a land of great wines and wineries and one of the best way to discover these amazing places is through a guided tour of the winery with the local owner, tasting his/her wines and discovering the secrets that make that wine unique. But in this case the day doesn't end with the wine tasting. Once you end the tour, take a sit and watch a great movie under the stars..

Trust us, there's nothing similar to this experience! Of course, 90% of the movies are in italian but we will be with you to explain italian words so that you can also learn our language!


From June till September 2015, we organize this event in almost 20 wineries along the 3 amazing regions of Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo. We will have the complete list of dates and movies in a couple of weeks so that then you can easily contact us to get every information you need.

This is really a great experience: italian wineries, local wines, food and wine tasting, movie under the star, the perfect vacation!

Stay tuned!


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