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Arcera Agritourism

Wrun everyday, since we get up till we go back home. We run to go to work, we get angry while we're driving, we are anxious, we aren't friendly on our everyday life. But this is worth it, if we decide to go on vacation in places like this..the Arcera Agritourism!

The Arcera Agritourism is a jewel in the heart of the Piceno land. We came across this place almost by accident, driving without a destination during a day-off,  but entering the country that welcomes this structure we immediately realized that almost physically entered in a fairy tale, in an enchanted world!


First of all, where is this amazing place?? Easier than you think. A few miles (about 15) from Ascoli Piceno this place stands on a very high hill,  in the medieval village of Forcella. Getting here from the Adriatic coast or from Ascoli you simply have to keep on driving along the ancient and beautiful Salaria Road towards Rome, then follow the exit for Arli and follow their directions for Arcera ..

Here, once you arrive, you will have already forgotten the bad moments of your everyday life. Silence is the master, the huge rocks and natural walls are the owners of this place of this area and you will feel like you've reached heaven.

We won't talk about the great welcoming services of the owners, since this is something you will find almost everywhere in the Piceno, being treated as friends or relatives that are coming back after a tour around the world. You'll feel like home!


the ancient tower dates back to the medieval age and it just went to a renovating process in 2006.  The whole agritourism is the result of a detailed restauration, funitures are made in wood and iron letting you feel like you're going back to the past. the shared rooms are unique, the terrace is panoramic, the fireplaces are romantic and every room (total of 24 beds) is special:

The Cow, Sheep flying and Templars are double rooms with marble bathroom while the "cat" is a triple room.

Among the apartments we mention:

  • The "Sun", with 4 beds plus cot and a kitchen. Two bedrooms and a bathroom with travertine: even for a couple this is the perfect room!
  • The "Duck", with 5 beds and a cot, is equipped with an electric kitchen on the ground floor where there is also a wood fireplace, while the second floor rooms have a unique view!

Then we have to specially talk about the "Mill" (sleeps 4 plus cot): this apartment on two floors is independent from the rest of the structure and is located in a forest surrounded by a creek and two waterfalls !! Romantic place for a couple!


The building is beautiful, food and wines are local and homemade, the view is stunning and if you're looking for a relaxing vacation, this is your place!



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