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Ascoli - Hotel 100 Torri

It often happens that the building is surely beautiful but still "cold", without an added value that makes it unique. Well, in Ascoli Piceno you won't live this risk! Ascoli Piceno is the city of travertine, is a stunning, intimate, elegant and romantic town, strictly related to ancient traditions and the hotels in downtown are strictly related to this "soul". Ascoli is the 100 Towers city and one of the most important building is exactly called "100 Towers Hotel"
In the heart of the historic Ascoli downtown, in an elegant street behind the magnificent St. Thomas Church, the Hotel & Residenza 100 Torri is the symbol of hospitality in Ascoli. Built in travertine, with spacious and beautiful rooms with a very beautiful history that the elegant Maria Enrica, owner of the building, will be more than happy to explain to you. Yes, this is a family building which dates back to 1700. 
What we do like the most of this place? The warmth, the fact that you feel like you're home, with stunning rooms, beautiful and intimate halls. Every detail has been carefully studied in order to make the location even more unique. And even more important, this is in downtown Ascoli. You can walk to the main square in less than 1 minute and you'll sleep without noise since no cars are allowed. We love this place because it's the perfect solution to live the experience of visiting Ascoli Piceno like a real local and we are sure you will love both the hotel and the city..
19 rooms, 4 halls for brainstormings, meetings, confrences and dinners; the winter garden for unforgettable breakfasts, a small and private reading room: everything here is calm, elegant, charming and peaceful.This is what Ascoli Piceno is..and the Hotel & Residenza 100 Torri is jiust the perfect environment to feel the same emotion.
You visit the city and go back to the hotel, feeling like there's a perfect trait d'union between the city and the hotel.
This is our suggestion: live the hotel, any single room, every moment: you will fall in love with it and the city!
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